We are looking for freelance interpreters, translators and tour-guide interpreters.
Especially, we have jobs at civil services(public places) and TV stations in Kansai region.

Help wanted Vietnamese-Japanese interpreters / translators Vietnamese-Japanese interpreters / translators

Interpreters / translators In Japan

In Japan

Main Clients Civil services (public places), TV stations (Broadcast) and so on.
Workplace Mainly in Kansai region. Or you can just work from home
Languages *You must be bilingual in Japanese and following languages.
REGION Languages
EUROPE Albanian Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Finnish Flemish Greek Hungarian Italian Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Portuguese Slovak Slovene Swedish Polish Rumanian Serbian etc.
RUSSIAN CONTINENT Azerbaijan Belorussian Russian Ukrainian Uzbek etc.
WEST ASIA Arabic Dalhi Hebrew Kurdish Turkish Persian Pushto etc.
INDIAN SUB CONTINENT Assamese Bengali Bihari Divehi Dzongkha Gujarati Gurung Hindi Kannada Kashmiri Konkani Malayalam Marathi Manipuri Nepali Oriya Punjabi Rajasthan Sanskrit Sindhi Singhalese Tamil Telugu Urdu etc.
CHINA Cantonese Mongolian Taiwanese Uighur etc.
PHILIPPINES Cebuano Pilipino Tagalog etc.
SOUTHEAST ASIA Burmese Vietnamese Thai Khmer Malay etc.
AFRICAN CONTINENT Africans Amharic Arabic Hausa Swahili etc

Jobs abroadNot In Japan

Not in Japan

We're also looking for interpreters and translators living abroad.

Country The European continent / New independent States(NIS) / Asian Continent / African Continent / Oceania / North America / South America
Languages * You must be bilingual in Japanese and following languages.
English, German, French, Italian etc
Job Description For example, interpretation at trade fairs, conferences, tours, and so on.

Tour-Guide InterpretersIn Japan

In Japan

We are looking for licensed tour-guide interpreters.

Languages English, Frence, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Thai
Places Any prefectures in Japan

Apply for the positions

The format of resume

Please check the attentions and requirements below and send your resume including details of education career, and interpreting / translating experiences in our prescribed format of resume.

The format is in Japanese. Please fill in this form in Japanese.


  • If you want to apply, e-mail us first as we send you our resume that have prescribed format. Please send us in our prescribed form.
  • We use registration system for introducing jobs.
    (It's not employment as fulltime nor part-time nor contract worker.)
  • There is possibility to take time to offer jobs especially when you want to work outside Japan or using minority languages.


  • Any natiionalities and both genders
  • Passed N1 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
    * When you are not native Japanese speakers
  • Having business manners
  • Being strict on punctuality

Requirements for especially English interpreters / translators

* You must have more than one skill of the list.

  • Having a TOEFL score of 610 points and above
  • Having a TOEIC score of 900 points and above
  • Passed EIKEN Grade 1(The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency)
  • University lecturer
  • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
  • Having skills of interpretation or translation as the same level or more than above

We are waiting for your apply.