1 day tour of walking on Bamboo Grove Road in Sagano and arashiyama

plan to visit Togetsu-kyo Bridge, Tenryu-ji Temple, Bamboo Grove Road, Nonomiya-jinja Shrine, Jojakko-ji Temple, Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple
The recommended seasons Spring, Autumn
It's available whole year except for December 29th to January 5th.
The price we indicate includes only tour guiding fee.
Please pay other charges( you and the tour guide interpreter's meal, transport, entrance fee etc.)

Togetsu-kyo Bridge is the symbol of Arashiyama. The river which flows upstream is calld Oi-gawa(Oi River) and downstream it is called Togetsu-kyo Bridge Katsura-gawa(Katsura River). The bridge is said to have been named togetsu-kyo by Emperor kameyama, because of its shape that resembles the movement of the moon.

Tenryu-ji is a major temple of the Rinzai School. It was built in 1339 on the former site of Emperor Go-Daigo's villa after a priest dreamt of a dragon rising from the nearby river.

The main attraction of Tenryu-ji Temple is the Zen garden dating back to the 14th century. A triumph of design , the garden features a large pond which catches the reflection of the maple trees and large rough-cut rocks on the periphery. It also makes use of "borrowed scenery" from the nearby hills of Arashiyama, which appear to the next tier of the garden. many elements of this garden were prototypes for later gardens built elsewhere.