Cancel Policy

If a cancellation is made after the arrangement, cancellation fees will be as follows.

Number of days of advanced notice Cancellation charge
14 days prior 20% of the full payment
7 days prior 30% of the full payment
3 days prior 50% of the full payment
1 day prior
On the day of the appointment
100% of the full payment
  • Note 1)
    If all the appointed days are cancelled, the cancellation fee will be applied to each day.
  • Note 2)
    Cancellation after 5 p.m. will be handled as if it was made on the next day. In addition, cancellation made by e-mail or fax only will be handled as if it was made at the point we contact you for confirmation.
  • Note 3)
    If the payment is already made when cancelling the request, please bear the fee to remit the payment.
  • Note 4)
    Cancellation fee is also charged for the change of schedule 14 days prior and after the appointed date.
    For example: change of time from morning to afternoon, or change of hours from the whole day to a half day.